Sponsoring TYPO3 Rector

TYPO3 Rector is free to use just like TYPO3

But keeping the tool up-to-date and provide new rules with each TYPO3 major release is a challenge which is very time consuming, thus making it hard to develop with pure free time, while keeping up with the family and providing food on the table.

This is why we are depending on your sponsoring! The idea is that you safe time and budget which you invest in TYPO3 Rector in an extend to let us help you in the future with your next upgrade.

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Please have a look at our Sponsors! These are companies and individualy that share a passion for efficiency and professionalis. Consider contacting them for collaboration or project requests!

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How does it work?

  • we will contact you as soon as possible and check the amount you want to sponsor.
  • you will get an invoice in return, the money will go into our pool and will be fairly shared between the main DEVs depending on their work load.
  • you get our support in form of an rector setup introduction, strategies or similar services as an exchange.