Possibilities with TYPO3-Rector


The main question of every tool is: what is it used for and how can i benefit from it?

As TYPO3-Rector is based on Rector we can simply use the definition from there: 

Instant Upgrades and Automated Refactoring of any PHP 5.3+ code.


We now can apply the TYPO3 part to it: we upgrade your TYPO3 code base to a newer version based on the defined SetLists.

This brings multiple use cases:

  • evaluate the upgrade of your project without really starting it, but by applying TYPO3-Rector rules to see how much you have to actually change and how much can be automated
  • upgrade your project or your extension to the latest version with help
  • keep your code base clean and up-to-date by implementing TYPO3-Rector into your CI to prevent from old code being implemented in the first place


Need help? Get help!

We support you in many possible ways. Just pick one.

Every tool is only as good as the documentation on how to use it!

TYPO3-Rector takes the PHP upgrading even further by providing a TypoScript and Flexform parser.

This means we are fully capable of changing Flexform or TCA definitions and handle changes of language labels, removed config segments or overall migration within those components.

Next to that we update or remove outdated stuff within files like the ext_emconf.php or even TypoScript! And let's be honest.. everybody has some config laying around where you are not sure if it's actually used or not - we do though and we will remove it if not!

Our docs can be found within our repository: TYPO3-Rector docs

See the upcoming examples of the functionalities.

Change your TCA automatically along with the core migrations

Update and clean your TypoScript. Independent if it is redundant code that can fully be removed or actual TypoScript conditions that have to be migrated. We support it all and will speed up your changes by a mile

Change language lables, that got moved! 

Those changes are mostly search and replace, which makes it more challenging to stay awake and focused when doing. Let us lend you a hand!

Time intensive changes like migrating ViewHelpers. Basically a no-brainer, but absolutely necessary change to do!

In case you want to get an overview of all rules - have a look!