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Instantly upgrade and refactor the code of TYPO3

TYPO3-Rector is based on Rector, a tool to instantly upgrade and refactor the PHP code of your application. We provide explicit rules and functionalities to rewrite your source code based on the official TYPO3 changelogs inbetween each release version. 

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What does RECTOR do?

Update and cleanup of

  • PHP Code (ViewHelpers, Custom classes, ... )
  • TCA & Flexform definitions
  • TypoScript and its conditions
  • and overall extension setup

all with TYPO3 Rector!

TYPO3-Rector funding roadmap:

Things that have to be done to use and enjoy the TYPO3-Rector in all versions now and in the future


The base of the funding will be used for pure maintenance and keeping rector alive.
This splits up like the following:

  • dependency resolving after rector core split
  • general stability improvements along with those dependency changes
  • transpiling PHP Version to useable version on migration process
  • setup general release cycle/infrastructure to make TYPO3-Rector useable/accessible as package (this is where all previous points come together)


Basically this is what rector is all about: the code migrations and helping hand.

  • develop TYPO3 core 12.0 rules (test driven and based on the official core changelogs/docs)
  • overall bug fixing and support for rector rules
  • further development with upcoming releases of version 12.1, 12.2 etc.
  • reduce limitations/ increase features (like we did in the past with e.g. TypoScript and Flexform parsing)

Giving back personally

As we are dependent on the community we will always give something back next to our tool itself.
This is nothing that can be defined in numbers or concrete actions, but we will provide support via slack or GitHub issues, but also be a helping hand in concrete issues, onboarding new users or even contributors and be present on events to spread awareness and serve the people that are helping us with using and feedback.In case there are any questions left, feel free to ask!

Sponsoring Milestones

How is the Money spent/distributed?

The above mentioned steps are the basic split on the doings that are necessary for a functioning TYPO3-Rector project.

Our concrete plans with some numbers are:

  • 2000€ – standalone package creation + support of latest rector version (v0.14.*)
  • 3000€ – v12.0 support; overall migration via ClassAliasMap, setup for overall v12 rules and implementation of those based on TYPO3 core breaking changes
  • 1500€ – v12.1 support; see above
  • ...

Depending on upcoming releases and changes of the TYPO3 core and rector core we have more or less to do to keep TYPO3-Rector going and useful. 

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